Wicked night and a quick post before bed… Beyond was fab, kode played a blinder, I missed the start cos I was at a business dinner but he tells me he started with some theo parrish (yay!) and some Maw (yay!) before moving into loads of heavy Funky, mostly his own productions which are all unfinished but mostly sounded sick and brilliant. Particularly One utterly great broken tune that blackdown pointed out and I got rewound :).

I had a great time, hooked up with Blackdown who introduced me to the – as you know – fantastically talented Farrah. And his lovely partner. Hooked up with boom, met melissa bradshaw for the first time (yay!) and bigged up sarah (double yay!).

and of course kode played my new tune – funky version of move down low which I finished a couple of days ago, , which I sent to him last night, and which he cut today. Talk about instant gratification! This is the first time I’ve heard one of my tunes on a big system (bizarrely) so it was a big time for me.

funky is so hot right now…

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