Is there anyone – anyone at – currently working in dubstep who is better than Narcossist?

Well, the answer is yes – but you have to go to the top drawer producers to find people who are actually better.

Trust me, the quality is now THERE. All that potential is getting realised. There are a good three or four tunes that are just stunning, totally realised dub techno / garage hybrids that do serious damage. Pure rollage vibes too.

Check out especially Targets, Sunblind, Nude Refix, and most of all, the new one, Metronome. This is likely to go on wax and I really hope it does because I want to buy it. What an amazing deep tune! He’s already getting attention from all the right people – blackdown, TRG, Dub-U, Martyn, Ben UFO, all the taste makers are on him and of course I’ve been representing him for a couple of years now. Catch up now if you haven’t already,