New tune – What We Had

I’ve just had the pleasurable experience of hearing a tune on the radio just a few hours after finishing it.

This morning I spent a couple of hours finishing off a couple of tunes, both built round the same vocal sample, with a working title of What We Had. One was a ragga techno banger which is quite good in a peak-time-Subliminal-crossed-with-hard-dubstep style – it’s up on the Grievous Angel MySpace.

The other was a really nice garage tune that was pure rollage, just minimal bass and drum and bleep with this little sample going round. I had to finish it really quickly but I didn’t really think it stood a chance of getting on the show. I was amazed when Blackdown had time to listen to it, let alone put it on the show. Thanks loads for playing it Martin! It was a top show too, the grime was ridiculously good, top new Joker tune, and of course the Blackdown and Dusk album tracks that sounded great, Lata remix in particular hit the spot for me.