appleblim rinse podcast

An admirably experimental and boundary pushing prerecrded mix, this. The traces of reggae and (especially) r’n’b in the first hour were most welcome. And it was a very creative selection of leftfield dubstep from the likes of shackleton, peveralist and t++ in the second hour. La Pev’s circling (iirc) really hit the spot and it lifted from there.
But I do wonder if all that glitchy nuskool dubstep isn’t just reinventing idm.
Note however that shack live is devestating – really muscular and funky, banging even.


This blogging by email thing (actually mobile blogging…) isn’t really working is it? I shall have to fix it!

It works on blogger… where you can email photos in too… why it doesn’t work on wordpress I don’t know…