5 Replies to “Hold tight”

  1. It’s mad how you insist on having a fixed-width blog and then screw it all up by posting huge images on it. Tsk! Still, looks great, but I would have preferred Kali or something in there… 😉

  2. Yeah, I need to fix this template!

    Kali wouldn’t have been an appropriate entity for this project. It’s not who you think it is…

  3. Jesus, it keeps changing before my eyes! 😉

    Dunno which version of wordpress you are running but you can also shrink pics in the “write” page these days by clicking on ’em.

  4. like the template, but are you really going to stay with that photo at the top?

    It makes it very difficult to read the title of the blog and the links to the pages…

    just a bit of friendly criticism innit

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