STREAMIZM! dubstep saved my life archives now up!!!


Boomnoise (and friends) put a massive effort into the first big dubstep forum event, even to the extent of getting it streamed live – now that’s professional! And from all accounts it WENT OFF. But! You can judge for yourself. Streamizm is putting the archives up ALREADY! Downloads soon. The link above is for the MASSIVE Reso Vs Rusko set but just go to for all the rest (bar Mala, for obvious reasons, and some of Shackleton).

Wicked stuff. Between this, the FWD sets, and (ahem) my vids of Youngsta we have lots of fresh live dubstep coming through online.

As John Eden is wont to say, even if dubstep isn’t that good musically*, the people are amazing!

* obviously I think dubstep is the best scene in the world right now…

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