Blogariddims 22: Disintegrations « The Rambler

Blogariddims 22: Disintegrations « The Rambler
Unlike my previous Blogariddims contribution there was a plan behind this mix. But as I started putting it together I also decided on a different strategy for mixing too. On Voices from Afar the idea was very definitely to keep layering things, filling up the sound space as much as possible; I might have up to 5 tracks running at once. That was fine, but I was always a bit uncomfortable with the fact that I seemed reluctant to let any of the music – all of which I loved – speak for itself, without the friendly support of massive overdubs. Why not let the music do more of the work on its own?

Wow. Neo-classical ardkore mentalism from the man like Rambler. This should be heavy.

Bloagariddims is just incredible! You wouldn’t get another series of mixes anywhere else that would be this varied, yet connected, and above all, HIGH QUALITY. Droid exercises real sound control. It’s always a huge challenge to do a blogariddims podcast… Rambler’s last one was wicked so I’m looking forward to this.

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