No Sunshine news / Grievous Angel Vs Miles Davis

People seem to like my “No Sunshine” refix. It’s the opening track on an extremely nice dubstep mix over at Bambu Breakz. It’s at Lots of unreleased dubs with a smattering of top quality releases, really well mixed, and a great selection of deeper, less heavy dubstep. Bambu adds in his message: “We had a VJ gig last night where we took this mix and supplied it with video (which I hope to get online somewhere soon)..” Which is fantastic, obviously. I’m really grateful for the DJ support I’m getting.

There’s been a bit of discussion about broken beat and jazz influences in substep recently, which is a coincidence for me, cos that’s the sort of stuff I’ve been doing.

I was thinking about how Kode9 talks about dubstep being focused on having massive sub-bass with anything you want on top, and I wanted to apply that to a dubstep track that heavily sampled Miles Davis in deep space mode. This tune therefore has oodles of round subs, but with a rhythm that’s not exactly a regular dubstep beat – it’s got a lot more strange swing. It’s built around Miles’ Billy Preston tune, which was originally on the Get Up With It LP, though I took the version on Bill Laswell’s Panthalassa remix album. It’s here. This has been played on Selector Dub-U’s radio show.

I then did We Want Miles, a more straight forward dubstep tune which cuts the Miles samples down to breathless ghosts. It’s not a bad roller. It’s here.

Let me know what you think.

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