Pagan blogs

I had a look through the technorati listings for pagan blogs just to see if there were any that were particularly popular, and the results were pretty disappointing. Here’s some of the top ten:

Coming Anarchy ( no obvious pagan content but a lot of rightwing geo-political nonsense.
Right Wing of the Gods (
Bush’s America ( firey anti-war blog from a Vietnam vet. Quite good, but no obvious pagan content.
The Wild Hunt ( I blogged this ages ago. It’s good stuff, though a bit worthy in that American “journal of record” way, though there’s a good current entry on DMT. The blog roll is extensive and may be worth investigating, however.
Simply Shylah ( lovely, but it really is all about a single mum homeschooling her kid, which is admirable, but a little monocultural.
Fat Lil Witch ( mainly complaints about the author’s noisy neighbours.
Mimi Redbeard ( a sex blog specialising in daddy fantasies with the odd bit of pagan content.

I have nothing against (most) of these blogs but they didn’t offer much that I found inspiring and I was surprised to see the top-listed pagan blogs having so little actual pagan content. But that’s the nature of Technorati: if you have the most links, and you have the right keywords tagged to your blog, you’ll come up first. I mean, if you type “Grime” or “Dubstep” into technorati, you won’t get Fiddy or Blackdown. (And if you type “Woebot”or “record collecting” in, you don’t get Woebot — I thought he was a pro!!!).

All of which means I guess that people should be working technorati a bit more, assuming they want hits — and it also means that the “social networking” aspect of “web 2.0” has a ways to go. I mean, if the bloggers aren’t into it…