Fantasy fuckmates

Simon suggesting that “Girls Aloud’s most passionate and unstintingly analytical fans cannot distinguish between the girls’ voices on record (although some seem to be able to tell them apart okay as fantasy fuckmates)” — while I am by no means an apologist for GA, though the odd tune is quite good, I cannot distinguish between them as fantasy fuckmates. I remember K-Punk’s post a while back about robot girls (in a Jaxx video) being unutterably sexy — well, maybe Girls Aloud are the pop prototype of that.

In other words — too plastic to be really attractive.

Pagan Interviews: someone else is having a go

Tim Boucher is doing a series of fairly good interviews with pagans. I like his style, it’s a good blog. The one with Daniel Pinchbeck is very good, although he slags off ceremonial magic for the wrong reasons (“a fairly debased and Luciferic tradition in the modern West, a kind of retrofitting of old ideas and old styles” — nonsense!).

Bad tempered Barbelith comment on Pinchbeck here.

BTW, using the tags “Wicca” or Gardnerian on technorati don’t come up with much that’s better…