A note of caution

protection rune

I suspect it may be valuable to clarify my position on paganism, especially to casual readers and the uninitiated.

As has been noted, I have something of a pagan identity, or rather a partial pagan worldview, and I have some practices which in the west might be called “pagan”… However, I never found a paganism with which I didn’t disagree by at least 50 per cent. I don’t swallow any of it whole. And I certainly don’t want to defend all those awful websites with black backgrounds that tout spells and all manner of other teen-gothery. Nor do I want to defend or engage with any of the other wanky pagan stereotypes.

As Robert Anton Wilson once said, I don’t “believe” any of it, in the sense of accepting pagan dogmas as all-encompassing and fundamentally true. We have no truck with Grand Narratives here. The subjects I am interested in are but one means of illumination, expression and liberation. Others have other yogas, such as the yoga of materialist left politics, for example, all of which are more or less valid. And my ideas in this area have changed considerably over the years, and assumptions you make about me as a “pagan” may not be well-founded.

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