Our first mix on the radio

Our first ever radio mix is going out on BBC Radio Lancashire’s fantastic On The Wire show on Saturday night — tomorrow, the 17th September, on the cusp of the full moon. Me and John Eden have been DJing together for ages and it’s been fantastic but this is just the bomb, we’re really thrilled. On The Wire is an institution and its founder, Steve Barker, is one of the real heroes of reggae and experimental music broadcasting. It’s a unique show and it’s a privilege to be asked to do a mix. We think it’s come out pretty well — a blend of 80s and 90s dancehall, ragga, breakcore and noise that smoothes you out, takes you up, blows you away and settles you back down in a completely different place from where you started.

If you live in Lancashire you can get On the Wire on Saturday at 10pm on BBC Radio Lancashire 103.9, 95.5 and 104.5 FM. On the Internet there’s a listen live button on the Radio Lancashire homepage. I aim to post a high quality mp3 of the mix on here after it’s been broadcast.

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