OTW track listing and original file


On the wire, 17th September 2005: 21st Birthday Edition mix by John Eden and Paul Meme.

The file is up at http://www.grievousangel.net/GAMixes/On_The_Wire_21st_Anniversary_Mix_John_Eden_Paul_Meme.mp3

You can’t stream it, you can only download it.

More comments and notes on the music when I have time…

Note from 2020:

Awesome mix of dancehall and a bit of break core which still sounds fantastic today!

I’ve given it a quick remaster so it sounds even louder 🙂

1. Delroy Wilson. Keep on Trying. Music Lab
2. Carlton Livingstone. You Make Your Mistake. Black Joy
3. Lone Ranger. Collie Dub. Black Joy
4. Yellowman. Soldier Take Over. Sonic Sounds
5. Welton Irie. Army Life. Pressure Sounds
6. King Kong. Don’t Touch My Boops. Unity Sounds
7. Admiral Bailey and Chaka Demus. One Scotch. Unity Sounds
8. Shabban Rankin. Roots and Cultue. 1989. Digital B
9. Pinchers. Bandolero. 1991. Jammy$ Records
10. Frankie Paul. Tu Shung Peng. Greensleeves
11. Frisco Kid. It’s OK. Jammy$ Records
12. Trevor Sparks. Bye Bye Love. Jammy$ Records
13. Admiral Bailey. No Wey Better Than Yard. 1988. Live & Love
14. Pinchers. Agony. Live & Love
15. Admiral Bailey. Big Belly Man. 1987. Live & Love
16. Shabba Ranks. Trailer Load of Girls. Shang
17. Cobra. Yush. 1991. Penthouse
18. Cutty Ranks. Dominate. Penthouse
19. Killamanmachine. Amen. Clash
20. Bong Ra. 666MPH (FFF vs Dionysos Remix). Supertracks Records
21. LFO Demon. Utterly Wipeout (Rave for Communism). 2003. Sprengstoff
22. Prince Jammy. Jammin for Survival (Grievous Angel’s Jammin’ on Distortion Mix). 1979 / 2005. Attack / Morwell Esq?
23. Initial T. Tricks and Trade. 2005. Tree House Cannabis Music
24. Turbulence. Notorious. 2005. Tree House Cannabis Music