If you haven’t noticed already, K-Punk is in raging good form right now. It’s rapidly mutated from being “just a blog” to, not so much a forum as an endlessly uncoiling serpent of clashing incantaory voices. It’s been called “the new ILM” by Simon, but it’s stranger and more beautiful than that. Get in there now; it won’t last forever.

Latest up is a cracking analysis of Burroughs — tough subject, artfully dissected (by K-Kollective member John Effay, though I hesitate to undermine the unauthorship of the scene by naming names).


Just want to do a massive big up to Dan at Molex Roots for running the best reggae blog in the universe (or Britain at least). I’ve added his site to the links section. His comment that I was filling the shoes of Stelfox is highly complimentary but it’s not really true; I’m WAY out of date on hot dancehall and my knowledge is a long way short of John’s standard. If anyone is filling Stelfox’ shoes it’s Dan himself. Sparkling, on the money, up to the minute reggae coverage. Everyone loves it.

Scrolling down the entries you’ll notice Dan has had some silly slag offs from his visitors. I don’t understand this at all. If you don’t like his mixes, skip to another one; it’s not as if there’s a lack of them out there. Least you can do is provide some constructive feedback.

Luckily I’ve had nothing but nice comments here and on email, touch wood. Thanks to everyone who’s been sending me good vibes, long may it continue. (He says, with a baby arriving tomorrow hopefully, meaning my much trumpeted musical hiatus should be starting pretty much immediately!)