New ragga techno

You know I was saying I probably wasn’t going to be doing much more music, what with the new baby coming? Weeeeell… it was really boring waiting for it to come, and I had spare time on my hands and…

… well, I’ve done a new ragga techno track. And it’s a bit of a corker.

I’ve again gone back to that all time classic ragge acapella, Cutty Ranks’ DJ Epitaph, cos it’s just overflowing with potential for versioning and mashups. I just can’t resist it.
The magnificent Cutty Ranks

The musical blueprint is pounding techno speed ragga with shades of electro to the beats and acidic basslines. Very tasty as far as I’m concerned.

Grievous Angel Vs Cutty Ranks: Culture Killer.

Best bio of Cutty Ranks I could find was here though it fails to mention his work with the Bug.