Don’t believe the hype. There’s a lot of backlash bullshit against the Coen’s right now and AFAICT it’s a nonsense. The Ladykillers is another great movie from them. I’m notoriously picky about movies — I find it impossible to sit still for them. I can’t bear the lack of interaction; similarly, I can’t sit still for TV, unless it’s specifically about something I’m really interested in, or, more frequently, it’s part of my looking after my son. I don’t even sit still for much music: 90% of my listening is actually mixing, editing or producing stuff. I’m a bit of a control freak.

Watching the Ladykillers at Sheffield’s fantastic “Showroom” cinema, I only had the urge to go walkabout / punch walls / use the Inernet cafe once, and even then I headed back to the film after five minutes. It’s great. Go see it.

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