Welcome to www.rolldeepcrew.co.uk – Roll Deep Crew Music, Roll Deep Audio, Roll Deep News and MC Wiley, Dizee Rascal and MC Flowdan: “Dizzie clashes with So Solid’s Asher D on Choice FM then the audience call in to vote for the winner”

I assume you’ve all been banging the realaudio on the roll deep site like I haven’t been, but for those of you who missed it, check it.

Good stuff and I’d just like to mention that a lot of the riddims are actually pretty fast, pretty much UKG speed. Grime isn’t sooooo different from its antecedents.

BTW the “mix” I’ve linked is actually accapella and arguably all the better for it. Now as soon as I figure out how to record RA files into the pc I’m doing some techno-speed ragga with it…

somedisco: “Meme back huzzah!
good points about grime, Laswell (guilty of that myself, TBH), Outkast”

Blimey. It’s weird settling down to trawl through a blog and finding props about your own blog. Cool. Big up yr self, somedisco.

We should all at least have links to an email address on our blogs — even Reynolds has that. I can’t work it out.

Maybe there should be another Britbloggers’ pub evening…