worlds of possibility: ” I mean, if you follow the prog/psych/etc thread, and you’re not careful, not clued-in, you can end up listening to the Ozric Tentacles. And that’s just not a healthy thing, awright? “

Oh I dunno. According to my mate Bill, Ozrics offshoot Eat Static invented jungle. So they can’t be all bad…

blissblog: “Flippin’ heck that Jaxx album’s a bit of a flailing over-egged pudding isn’t it?”

Oh darling, it’s because it’s prog punk-house, they have no choice! After all it has both Siouxsie and arch-prog fan (heavy into Greenslade) Dizzee Rascal on it, so it MUST be prog.

blissblog: “Happy Mondays–Yes Please***

*** somnabulent funkmuzak sub-muso drivel only one notch above The Doors circa Other Voices/Full Circle”


This is actually one of my fave Mondays records despite (maybe because) of everyone hating it. The main defence is the track “Stinking Thinking” which is one of my two or three fave Mondays tracks, really really neat, evil little pop record. I like “Sunshine and love” as well. It’s probably worth another deeper listen but I gave it to Oxfam a few weeks ago IIRC. Not enough space!

Other Voices is really dire though.

blissblog: “* Laswell Involvement Warning”

Stand by for a massive phlegm-ball of bile regarding hispters’ universal anti-Laswell tendenceis. They’re a bag of shite. And why the antipathy? Cos Laswell got their first and actually did something instead of just writing about it. It’s all jealous juvenility in other words.