blissblogLone White Guy Strikes Again. Never noticed it before but there is a classic one in the R. Kelly ‘Ignition (remix)’ video (one of the very few Kelly songs I¬íve liked actually)

yeah I spotted this and assumed it had already been noted.

Ignition is fantastic, probably my favourite record of the year, you really want to sing along to those “boop boop, beep beep” bits in the car to get the full effect! I wonder if you can get it on vinyl. I wonder if there’s an accapella so I can do a suitably braindead jungle remix. The way some of the choruses double up to build the tension is fabulous. Wonder who wrote it?

Oh, while we’re on the subject: Timberlake. Asking if the man himself is any good as anything other than a dancer seems to me to be kind of redundant. The fact is he appears on some very good records. Rock Your Body is great. It’s all about the producer, innit?

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