blissblog: “come to think of it, a lot of industrial pierced-dick types ended up making techno-ravey stuff, didn’t they, so maybe it’s not so odd (remember psykick warriors of gaia?”

Very funny characterisation Simon! FWIW I think the link from industrial to acid house is seminal, as much because of the crowd as the musicians. My memory is that much of the industrial scene formed part of initial audience for acid. If you think of the milieu being more important than the leadership, which of course it is, then the industrial scene had a fair bit to do with the emergence ofdance music, a especially the Clink Street end of things — so maybe there is a conventional link to hardcore and jungle that way. Certainly the industrial / Some Bizarre crew were among the very first to get heavily into ecstasy, particularly therough Sleazy’s connections. And of course Soft Cell and Matt Johnson were making records on E long before most.

PWOG made some ace records (especially — oh the irony! the drum club remix of Exit 23) and were pretty fantastic live in a minimal techno nothing-happens-and-it’s-really-exciting-tweaking-with-their-atari sort of way.

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