Reynolds on UK-Dance
blissblog: “The most pugnacious voices inevitably tended to dominate, and debates were always escalating into acrimonious slanging matches; the ‘winners’ were those with the stamina and thick skin to outlast everybody else.”

I found UK-Dance in this phase of its life both intensely irritating and intesnely addictive simultaneously. It was thrilling to find such a well-informed bunch of people who were so up for really vigourously debating a subject. It must have alienated at least as many people as it turned on but it made for extremely satisfying online entertainment for a lot of people. I remember once trying to defend some particularly badly-argued point over email with one of the UKDers and just getting whacked with one expertly and wittily made put-down after another. It was really testing, made you think, and to be honest I’ve learnt loads from the people on UKD.

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