Big up Reynolds for bigging up Sean Paul

I can’t find the right link right now but I was really pleased to see the man saying Sean Paul is alright after a bit of slagging in blogdom. Let’s face it, most of the times that the radio or MTV or TOTP is good is when he’s guesting on a track. I’ve heard the album coming over from next door and it sounds pretty good. He isn’t some facile simulation of dancehall, he’s actually areally good exponent. If he was unknown everyone would be raving about him. ‘course, someone like Elephant Man probably won’t be following in his footsteps (though Log On has been heard playing in Woolworths, apparently) cos he won’t look as good (i.e. as white) in the videos. Even so, Sean Paul’s alright, slagging him off is like slagging off Anthea and Donna.

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