KLEER: New single out now. Hype Hype

Yeah. New single out now which I’m really excited about. It’s KLEER backed with my remix of J Beatz’ Subwoofer. So two slices heavy 130 uk funky – one a hard acid work out, one a banging grime remix. One of the best records I’ve ever made.

Check out the Soundcloud here:



Blackdown played it a few months ago as usual. Then I think Sinden was the first to play the pre-release on his Kiss show. Plus it’s had some daytime airplay from Rinse, and may be best of all, it’s had some play from the legendary Marcus Nasty. He played both sides and was really working it in the mix with a great MC over the top. Hearing that made my whole music career worthwhile.

It’s here:

Kleer on RInse FM

The DJ feedback has been great, here’s some of the quotes people sent me for the promo to the shops:


Subwoofer remix will do damage, drums for miles. and Kleer is just apocalyptic, one for the warehouse I reckon.

Philip Sherbourne

this is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for. Hard/deep funky that’s not too fast and kinda tripped-out. I  played “Kleer,” and it sounded fantastic, especially on the Horst soundsystem. Thanks again! I feel honored to have been able to play that….


these are great man! both remix and original tune. so good for the dance floor and groovy. can’t decide which one I’m enjoying more


Subwoofer remix is fucked mate


I really like Kleer man!!!! I’m gonna be dropping it on the radio show this week. I bet this one drops hard in the dance too. Can’t wait to test it!!!


kleer is wicked. will def play!

Dub Boy

Wicked tracks mate! My fave is the J Beats remix which is ruff! A really good drums workout…. RIDDIM

John Eden

J Beatz is one of the handful of grime producers I still bother checking – the GA mix of his “Subwoofer” ups the ante with more frenetic voodoo percussion and a touch of sunshine to complement the dread bass. Ruff and smooth in all the right places – one for the heads, as we used to say.

Joe Muggs was kind enough to give it a great review in the May edition of the Wire, which is fantastic, I love the Wire:

The minimal remix got featured as a free download on Mixmag‘s website alongside some really nice words. I never thought I’d get a mention on Mixmag!:


“Soundsystem house.” That’s good!

Colin at K Mag gave it a really good review in his dubstep column.

Liminal Sounds did a really extensive interview:


Immersed Audio did a good  deep interview with me, it’s here: http://www.immersedaudio.com/2012/04/ia-mix-series-030-interview-grievous.html

There’s also a really heavy remix of loads of my dubs done just like how I play live here:


Tracklist is
Simpleton: Weh Dem Hear (Grievous Angel Remix) (Unreleased)
Grievous Angel: Torn Apart  (Unreleased)
Dub Boy & Atki 2: Tiger Flower (Grievous Angel Remix) (Hard Hands)
Beenie Man: Rum And Redbull (Grievous Angel Remix)  (Unreleased)
J Beatz: SubWoofer (Grievous Angel Remix) (Forefront Recordings OUT APRIL 2012)
Congo Natty: Herbsman (Grievous Angel Vs Refix) (Unreleased)
Cutty Ranks: Wicked Inna Bed (Grievous Angel Refix) (Unreleased)
Grievous Angel: Kleer (Forefront Recordings OUT APRIL 2012)
Grievous Angel Ft. Rubi Dan: Bad Boy (Unreleased)
Grievous Angel: Rock Da Bass (Unreleased)
MA1: Waterfalls
Shackleton: Hackney Marshes (Grievous Angel Refix) (Unreleased)

Among the shops, Boomkat is carrying the twelve and the digital with some nice words: “Video Crash’ style Chicago toms and stabs with proper UK swagger, spiking the whole lot with spaced-out neon synths to sound like one of Bok Bok’s more delirious productions”. Thank you very much! 🙂


Rubadub is carrying it.

Juno is carrying it.


So it’s been a really busy time. I hope lots of people like Kleer – I think people are ready for some acid sounds now…