Move Down Low VIP now out on Soul Jazz Records!

Move Down Low VIP - out on Soul Jazz
Move Down Low VIP - out on Soul Jazz

Yup. I got a release on Soul Jazz records. I am soooo excited! Taken almost a year to come out but I am so pleased.

It’s out on Monday but its in the Soul Jazz web shop now.

It’s a new funky remix of Move Down Low. The main draw is the VIP – which is, though I say so myself, absolutely massive. Goes off every time in the dance. Best thing I’ve ever done. All massive drums, big drops, snatch of Rubi Dan’s vocal – latin funky apocalypse. Like the Ice Rink b-side mix but bigger and ruder. Sinden’s been caning it for months.

The A-side is the original funky mix – not the one that came out last year on my Devotional Dubz imprint, the one I did for Kode 9. As has passed into legend, I made the tune, sent it to Kode that night, he cut it the next day and played it at the first of Rinse’s Beyond funky sessions. He’s been playing it ever since and it’s on the new DJ Kicks mix CD he’s done. So it’s a result all round.

Will be in all the usual stores any day now.

Listen to the A-side here.

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