Move Down Low / Loser funky remix – release news

The TPs of Move Down Low remix are in and they sound FAT – yes they are really here as you can see from the pic below…


There will be just 400 for the world, no represses and no downloads (well maybe for Move Down Low, vinyl comes first though). All those who pre-ordered at Red Eye breathe easy, it is coming. Release date should be 13th July, right before the Dog Days, one year on from the first Devotional dubz release, Lady Dub – ERZULIE01.

Previews are up on the MySpace. You’ve all heard this tune and you know it goes off in the dance whether it’s played by Skream, Kode 9, Dub Boy, Blackdown, Hanuman, Atki2 and all the other DJs who have been battering this on plate.

Special shout out to Kode 9 who cut Move Down Low within hours of me sending it, on the day I made it, and played it at the inaugural Beyond. Both tunes have been in his box ever since and he’s played one or both every time I’ve seen him. That’s just briliant!

Hold tight for the new broken stuff and I’ll be doing VIPs of MDL and Loser once solstice season is out of the way. Watch out for ICE RINK REFIX too – it’s been on Rinse a few times with Heatwave and Blackdown and there’s a clip on myspace if you want to hear it. Big up all soundmen!

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