Chatter for 2009-06-23

  • everybody follow @RhapsodyDance – it's the amazing Philip Sherbourne #
  • @bat020 see what you mean but I thought it was quite dignified and romantic of the psychologists to see it like that 🙂 in reply to bat020 #
  • Had 303 followers!!! #acid !!! 304th is someone I and every other electronic music fan hugely respects – @maryannehobbs #
  • Listening to masters of Soundclash and Harpy – Keysound LDN011. Sounds FAT. #
  • About to listen to TP of Move Down Low and Loser – funky remixes. Done this one as BUBBLEZ #
  • @SteakhouseBeats Superb news, so glad Steakhouse is rolling! in reply to SteakhouseBeats #
  • @colz LOL think I'll work my way up to 707 with the latin beats, then 808 with the hiphop first… 808 will be I Love Dem, biggest subs~ in reply to colz #
  • @djplastician Your FWD garage set was OFF THE HOOK, I loved it, superb stuff 🙂 in reply to djplastician #
  • @colz Wicked, never heard that! What awesome synth sounds, so hard to make now! Speed that beat up to 130 & put a ragga MC on it… heaven in reply to colz #
  • @DprRecords Can I buy WAVs / AIFFs rather than mp3s off you please? 🙂 These are the best records ever made, I want FULL FAT versions! in reply to DprRecords #
  • Test pressing of Loser / Move Down Low sounds hot. Label is Devotional Dubz, Artist is Bubblez, is ERZULIE02. Hyped! #
  • @wayneandwax bizarre… new broken funky tune is called Panama… in reply to wayneandwax #
  • @urbanmuzak yeah, taken forever… couldn't do a Lady Dub follow up, then focused on the blackdown remix album & Soundclash. New one's good. in reply to urbanmuzak #
  • @maryannehobbs Jam on Oakbrook road. Very technical cutting, cuts look good for ages. Good jukebox and coffee too. in reply to maryannehobbs #
  • Looks like the iphone might be arriving today #
  • @paul_lynch aiff and wav are exactly the same data. There are lots intermediate bit depths from 320 to 1440. They don't add much though. in reply to paul_lynch #
  • Listening to a new house track and unboxing the new iPhone #
  • RT @DJTayo: i want this Roska remix of Neighbourhood. I think we all do! @zedbias when?!?!? #
  • iphone does'nt sync with firefox bookmarks!!! EPIC fail!!! #
  • looks like my (finally!) legit copy of Logic has showed up already 🙂 it's an apple-tastic day here #

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