Funky Manifesto: a compilation of superb UK Funky radio rips


This is not a mix. Rather, this is a compilation of the best UK Funky I could find, taken from radio shows. I’m NOT pretending I have these tunes. Rather, I’m showcasing the best in UK Funky. Because, while funky is wonderful, there’s a lot of tunes out there I don’t like that much, and I wanted an hour of music I could point that would say, “this is what I want. This is what I want to make.” Something that would be, for want of a better word, a manifesto of what Funky could be; what I think it should be. I’m not very geeky about funky, or at least not yet, I just love it and listen to it and make it, so I don’t know many of the tunes on here. Probably someone like Queen of Sheba or Paul Autonomic knows every single one, but I don’t. The lyrics tab has timings of the radio shows and podcasts that I’ve taken the rips from.

What I do know is that this stuff absolutely rocks. Funky skeptics, start here.

Here it is.  151 Mb 320 MP3.

11 Replies to “Funky Manifesto: a compilation of superb UK Funky radio rips”

  1. trainspotter passing though…

    4m – big marcus nasty tune! still don’t know who made it.
    8m – another one. scotty d or lil silva?
    11m – lil silva ‘different’ (vip?) layered with crazi cousinz ‘inflation’
    20m – dj gregory and karizma ‘don’t panic’
    21m – wookie ‘gallium’
    25m – dj gregory and karizma ‘vasefa’
    28m – maybe kenny dope or terry hunter?
    38m – sticky ‘how very dare you’
    40m – perempay ‘in the air’
    43m – don’t know but i’ve been wondering too..
    45m – hard house banton ‘sirens’
    47m – vasefa again
    51m – slipped my mind but i think ukfunky has it

    did a quick scan but i’m going to give it a real listen now. very nice mr. meme!

  2. u.k. funky is house music for ol junglist like myself I’d like to break it here in the states but can’t get the tunes,import distribution has come to a stand still and there being no market as of yet what few shops are left just are not carrying the sound and have not found a online shop a of yet .

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