Lady Dub in at number 8 in Pitchfork’s Dubstep 2008 charts!

Check it out… in with some amazing company too! I.e. I make it in there against stuff that hasn’t even been released yet. This is a big thrill!

Grime / Dubstep | Pitchfork
Top dubstep singles 2008:

1. Darkstar: “Need You”/”Squeeze My Lime” [Hyperdub]

2. Mala: “Miracles” [Deep Medi]

3. 2nd II None: “Waterfalls Peverelist remix” [Heavy Artilery]/”Clunk Click Every Trip” [Punch Drunk]

4. Kuma: “Dawn Stepped Outside Horsepower remix” [Immerse]

5. Shup Up and Dance: “Epileptic Martyn’s No Strobe Mix” [Z Audio]/TRG: “Broken Heart Martyn’s DCM Remix” [Hessle Audio]

6. D1: “Oingie Boingie” [Tempa]

7. Skream: “Hedd Banger” [forthcoming Tectonic]/”Angry World” [unreleased]

8. Grievous Angel: “Lady Dub 2Step Remix” [Devotional Dubs]

9. Quest: “Stand” [Deep Medi]/Silkie: “Horizon” [unreleased]

10. Ramadanman: “Blimey” [Hessle Audio]

11. TRG: “Feel For You” [Subway]/Al-Haca “Kryptonite TRG remix” [unreleased]

12. Sully: “Trackside”/”Jackman’s Recs” [unreleased]

13. Pangaea: “Router” [Hessle Audio]

14. LD and Cluekid: “Guerrilla Warfare” [unreleased]/ Kode9 vs. LD: “Bad” [Hyperdub]

15. Cult of the 13th Hour: “Wickedness” [Soul Jazz]

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