Blogariddims 26: Ben UFO

Fuck me.

Noone told me about this.

Don’t even think about the “D” word before listening to this mix – this is just totally out there music. The tragedy is that I reckon few will really appreciate what Ben is doing with the music when he, for examples, mixes two sparkling, almost-chthonic unreleased dubs from Untold and TRG with Slector Dub U with Mala’s notoriously un-mixable Learn – it’s artistic DJing of the highest degree, so good it is almost invisible. Stunning deep technoid dubstep, similar to the more meditiative moments of Sufferah 3 (the mixes share some tracks), and, I beleive, a live mix, not Ableton. And with few if any reggae references, it manages to be both warm and vitally alive without going down the minimal k-hole.

Best of all he moves on to one of my favourite 2 step records – Groove Chronicles’ Masterplan, then takes into Pangaea’s eeeeeevviiiilllly funky Coiled. You can bet I will be buying this when it coms out on Hessle Audio. Loooveeellyyy. And then going from Matty G’s lush 808 Bass into El B’s Serious – awesome. Just where I’m coming from right now. Like, absolutely spot on – since finishing the album I’ve been listening exclusively to old 2step and mixing it with the latest dubstep.

I LOVED IT. Download even if you’re bored with dubstep.