Rubi Dan is a BADMAN MC

So, you may recall a few weeks back I said that Rubi Dan was a fabulous live MC, and that I’d love to work with him? Rubi Dan being the resident MC for the fantastic London dancehall crew, Heatwave, with whom I played in Sheffield on the Solstice – well, the day after. (BTW Heatwave’s next show is on Friday 17th August at The Pool, 104 Curtain Road, London EC2A – that’s near Plastic People, dubstep fans.)

Well last night I was in a studio on the seventh floor of an industrial estate in Hackney recording him voicing some of my tunes!

It was absolutely mental, he put in a fantastic performance, and I’ve got it all back home now so I can edit it together. You should be hearing all this on the album when it comes out though there might be a few previews surfacing here and there. Not for a bit though.

And yes, I am going to tell the whole story of the CD soon…

Many thanks to the Difficult Fun crew for helping me out with such a great recording space – especially since they are in the middle of putting together a feature film! About black cowboys in Hackney!! Utter mentalism, but I’ve seen the stills and storyboards, and it’s going to be amazing…

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