Answer Riddim Soundclash!

And the result is – John wins! 10 votes to 2 at the time of writing, so it looks like he’s done it. Well done, he does have one of the best reggae collections around so it’s not that surprising. I’m just pleased he upped his game and did some proper mixing!Naturally he’s taking the whole thing terrible seriously, which is amusing.

I am a bit embarassed to have included a tune with some lyrics John has suggested are homophobic, but to the degree to which I was aware of what Anthony B was really talking about on Global Awareness, I thought he was just taking the piss, rather than being truly nasty. If it’s offended anyone I can only apologise. If it makes any difference I did leave off King Rolex’ Hard Road – wicked, grating vocal tone (tempting to sample his moaned “Harrrrrd Rooooaaaaadddd” lyric and stretch it out even more), appalling lyrical sentiments.

Anyway, people have said lots of nice things about my mix which I’m very grateful for… maybe the next round John should take on Droid for the title of “finest selector in the blogosphere”, with follow-up bouts with others…

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