BASH pix – from May

Just so you know, I now have a Flickr account. It’s mainly got images from DMZ and BASH, so it’s “just another dubstep photostream”, as they say. It’s at

Here are a bunch of images from John Eden’s TRIUMPHANT turn at the decks on May 25th. He really was absolutely fantastic.

Here he is being looked after by Kevin Martin – he’s a nice man is Kevin.

And again… hasn’t Kevin got a military bearing?

John looking remarkably sexy drinking a beer:

John in deep concentration… DJ booth as ziggurat… SUFFERAH!!!!

Taking his leave, a job well done, turning over to Loefah, who immediately turned the sound up. Good man.

Loefah on fire…

… wearing one of his amazing t-shirts… that mother was bright…

Eden and Boomnoise kicking back and grooving to Loefah. That was a particularly good set from him too.

Space Ape rocking it during the dub poetry bit – over The Bug’s beats. He was really, REALLY good, totally blew away everyone. He’s on another level in terms of artistry – a truly fantastic MC.

And again… he was FLYING at this point. Not quite the level of invocatory power as at the gig with Mala at Sheffield, but not far off.

Skanking, weaving, raving…

This was, I think, Roger Robinson, but I’m ashamed to say I’m not really sure…

He was very good anyway. Not as tip top as Space Ape, but not bad.

Part 2 was excellent. Really banging dancehall.

For some reason I didn’t do many of the crowd this time.

But here’s some of the friends I went with.
John Eden and our old mate Danny, who quite enjoyed the dubstep being played, much to his surprise…

Me and Danny – yeah, he’s mad!!! Mad for life…

Me and the redoubtable Boomnoise – wicked bloke and one of the very best people in the dubstep scene.

Wicked night yet again. Come on down!

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