John Eden presents: RSI Radio

Undaunted by the fact that he can no longer blog, use forums, or do email due to his RSI, John has done the decent thing and become a [B]radio personality[/B]. Yes, rather than have to rummage forlornly through his old posts on Dissensus, UK-Dance, Blood and Fire and, of course, the mighty Uncarved itself for the pearls of wisdom he carelessly dispenses, you can now curl up with headphones, a good book, and the tipple of your choice while his calm, lucid voice oozes its way into your consciousness…

… for John has started recording his own occasional radio show.

It’s right here:

And it’s total aceness. I shan’t spoil the surprise for you, but it features, a amazingly, an exceptionally good selection of reggae. And, errr, other stuff.

Try it. You’ll grow to love it.

And let him know what you think of it by dropping him a line at BM Box 3641, London, WC1N 3xx.