New Moll Selekta releases: Sugar Minott: the Roots Lover 1978 – 1983 and The Bunny Lee Rocksteady Years

Sugar Minott: the Roots Lover
I’ve just been sent two new releases on German reggae reissue label Moll Selekta (via the inestimable Steve Barker), a label I’d never heard of but seem to have over a dozen very interesting releases on their books. The Sugar Minott disc is a cracking double CD set of full-length, mainly early 80s roots and dancehall gems with an extremely high hit rate. We’re talking Channel One cuts with Roots Radics and Black Roots backing so musically most of the cuts are impeccable — and the mastering is by the maestro himself, von Oswald. Sleeve notes are fair; there’s a good biography, even if it’s obviously translated from the German (with somewhat error-prone typesetting), though the track information is a little sparse. But putting these minor quibbles to one side, there are HEAPS of absolutely KILLER tunes on this compilation. It’s well worth seeking out; go buy.


Everyone likes a bit of rocksteady, if only to trace the evolution of riddims that later surfaced in reggae and dancehall. Here we are presented with the sweetest of r’n’b harmonies over just-shy-of-reggae jerky beats and it’s fab. Another sumptuously produced and mastered release, it’s the best possible introduction to Bunny Lee’s treasure trove of rocksteady stompers. Recommended.

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