New Grime mix from DJL

A few Grime mixes I’ve heard have a been a bit opaque, the testosterone obscuring the emotion that’s possible in the music. So I’ve been looking for a Grime mix that works as a complete, flowing entity, that showcases the genre’s ability to carry a tune as well as grinding out beats. And I think I’ve found it. DJL, a guy on the excellent Dissensus, was kind enough to send me his new Brave New World CD, and it’s terrific. There’s a few on there that I know and to the seasoned afficianado I would presume that quite a lot of it is familiar –but if true, it doesn’t matter. For this is a great, rocking, flowing mix, impeccably blended live (there’s a couple of glitches late on but nothing to mar your pleasure) and it’s the best Grime showcase I know of.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to give you, DJL’s Brave New World:

Mixed live by DJL
1. Wot Do U Call It? – Wiley
2. Hype Hype – SLK feat. Flirta D, Van Damage, Wunda & Envy
3. Charge – Static
4. R-HA VIP – DJ Charmzy
5. Almighty Father – Sunship feat. Warrior Queen
6. Paid In Full – F1
7. The Lowdown – Wiley feat. Trim
8. Unorthadox Daughter – No Lay
9. Pull Up Dat – DJ Mondie feat. Ribz, Napper, Flirta D & Shizzle
10. Straight Remix – DJ Mondie
11. I Like It – Commander B feat. Tubby T
12. Creeper – Danny Weed
13. Down Remix – Martin Larner vs Teebone
14. Kamikaze – Jon E Cash
15. Ch-Ching – Lady Sovereign
16. Sense – Macabre Unit
17. Catz – Low Deep
18. Skank (Dr Venom Dark Mix) – Agent X & Kele Le Roc
19. Forward Riddim – Lethal B
20. Str8 Flush – Low Deep
21. Get Me – Bruza