The lull.

Nobody posts seriously in the season of the summer solstice unless they’re very sure of what they have to say. I think that around the 28th there’ll be a bit of a rush. Then there’ll be a lot of weirdness and backbiting as we move up to Sirius rising, the dog days following July 23rd. For one thing people are having too good a time in the sunshine and — not to put too fine a point on it — they’re gardening. The next big phase of blogging won’t happen until we start to cool off in September, reaching a peak between the autumn equinox and Yule. People need to stop thinking about blogging now so they can build up the discourses that will take us through the summer.

And we need another London bloggers piss up to beef up the rhizome. Next time I’m going to be down with an evening spare I’ll drop everyone a line.

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