I hang my head in shame and admit to STILL liking the Neptunes

JAY-Z – “Change Clothes”:

At first, I was like “cool new Jay-Z!”. Soon after, I was like “COOL new Neptunes!” Then I bought the album and I was like “ehh..” Then I was like “woo boy it’s Jay-Z again”. For an ever so brief while I was “oh just SHUT UP and retire” (even though my problem isn’t with Jay & his self-proclaimed unimpeachable stature, but with Pharell & Co.).

You know, I hear this track on the radio, and think, cor, that’s a funky bit of hip-pop! I wondered whether it was the Neptunes but wasn’t sure — I’m not a hipster about this stuff. I’m not a BIG Jay-Z fan — his flow is good, but the backing usually leaves me a bit bored — but this record rocks. Well, it’s good pop anyway.

So I don’t understand all the slag offs of the Neptunes I see around the place. Obviously it’s their production that makes the record. Same as with the “Diddy” track — first time I heard that I thought, good god, how can fucking Puff Daddy make a record that good? And then I found out how.

I think you’ve all been listening to too much music and not taking enough notice of your children…

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