Ingram’s piece on “Un Ra” is so bad, ill-informed and patronising it makes you wonder whether he bothered to listen to any of the records he mentions.

I was in two minds whether to put the link in here but on balance felt people should make their own minds up. All I can say is… that’s a bit rough Marcello! Get a sense of humour mate! I thought it was fun, entertaining piece, and read it that way — maybe you’re taking this a leeeetle too seriously? I mean — “patronising”? Leave it out. Join in the fun or keep schtum cos this was only a larf. The whole premise would, I’d have thought, precluded your comments but I dunno. I don’t want to namedrop — actually I DO want to namedrop, shamelessly, repeatedly and often with both wild innaccuracy and invention, just not here, not now — but Matt described the piece to me the night before when we were out on the piss* and it came out just great as far as I could tell. We are not talking musicological critique here. Despite the fact that Matt — poor fella!! — does not “indulge”, this was a little bit of flight of fantasy, a bit of — yes I’ll use the word again — fun. I’d have thought a small apology would be in order, but as Eden always says at times like this, if it wasn’t for in-fighting, schisms and pointless argument, we wouldn’t have any political development. I’ve never understood this, but he always says it, so there you go.

* Actually we were in an extremely nice restaurant, but we’re not mentioning that now.

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