| jim fitzsimons | On not joining: “This far, and no further… and just cos TOPY’s (as one example) this far is a good deal further than the Church of England’s this far, doesn’t mean much when you’re talking about the infinite potential of the human imagination.”

(Shrugs)… well, what do you expect Jim? I can’t really comment on the specifics of TOPY (whoever they are / were) but all organisations are built on compromise and it’s naive to expect otherwise. And if your yardstick is “the infinite potential of the human imagination”… well, you’re going to be disappointed by anyone and anything, not to mention EVERYone and EVERYthing. “The infinite potential of the human imagination” only exists in one’s head. The minute you step out into language, let alone into building a functioning group of people, you’ve collapsed the “infinite potential” into a small box.

“I guess i’m just trying to say that you shouldn’t ever accept limitations imposed upon you by those who claim occult wisdom.”

Eh? Well of course! You need to go into these things with your eyes open and not expect perfection. Gurus are useful and sometimes very exciting, but all of ’em have limited worldviews and relevance.

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