WOEBOT: “1. First bit of nonsense:”

Don’t trust that man Ingram! He’s a chide and a scold, even when he’s right. A blog is no place for excuses, but that last project at work turned out to be a doozy…

Anyway, it’s good to see Ingram focusing so clearly on his bid to turn the offal-in-posh-restaurants bandwagon into a bona fide craze. The last time we were at La Gavroche he nearly reduced Marco to tears with his insistence on having it added to the lunch time menu. A la grecque was his imprecation, as I recall. It was all a different story at the opening party for La Petrus wasn’t it Matt? We both devoured the quails eggs, and you don’t get more Old Money than that, even if they were a bit stingy with the toast.

Next time we dine we plan to try to equal the excellence of the East London Psychogeographical Society annual dinner Luka hosted at Harry Hausens in early November. It was a five course coup de grace, with French starters, Italian mains, and German afters — as Luka said at the time, it was Harvester at Glyndebourne! Only 65 quid a head plus wine (we made for it with a very good pair of 82 Sacre du Temps and a few Armagnacs) which as you can imagine represents just half an unlistenable classical electronica LP to blogdom’s most committed restaurant critic.

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