Like Glue blogginess: “Paul’s work in the essex jazz-funk clubs of the 80s has clearly paid off big time and he will now forever be known as Paul ‘Mr Mover’ Meme round our way. Status!!!”

“That’s why they call me… The Mover”.

Too fucking right! As Norman Wisdom might have said, Look and learn, son! I should say that after the third J John was on his feet and trying to give it some but he was a bit unsteady. I however have been keenly practicing them for the last week, they’re GREAT for your hips.

Oh, one last thing… I bet you whining hipsters out there whingeing about the next big thing or hardcore futures prices or whatever piss poor excuse for a topic of conversation is hot this week not only CAN’T and DON’T DANCE, but also SQURIM IN EMBARASSMENT AT THE IDEA OF SOMEONE ACTUALLY WRITING ABOUT DANCING — not just about dance music, but actually dancing. What a miserable life you must lead.

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