blissblog: “Uncarved = Hawkwind”

A spectacular come-uppance for Eden which I will treasure forever.

Of course being terminally afflicted by hipsterdom Reynolds goes far too obscurantist on us with his take on TWANBOC’s positioning of late 2003 blogdom as its “seventies phase”. A more comprehensible, if ultimately less /meaningful/, set of comparisons might be:

blissblog: Led Zeppelin (the original behemoth)

TWANBOC: Deep Purple (the young pretender… and the student who overtakes the master. Soon to become David Coerdale’s solo career though! hahaha!)

Heronbone: Queen (all tht florid poetry… oh alright then, Roy Harper and a bit of Led Zep III)

K-Punk: King Crimson (mucho erudition around a solid rhythmic base. But any more Dr fucking Who and you’re The Enid, got it?)

Church of Me: Elton John (should be obvious… oh alright then, Nick Drake)

Pillbox: Frank Zappa in his Mothers of Invention guise (not really seventies, but who’s keeping score? Oh you are, Ingram…)

Uncarved: Still Hawkwind! Oh alright then, C.R.A.S.S. Still, Steve Ignorant considered himself a “beatnik”, did he not?

Shards, Fragments, Totems: probably the Tubes or Greasy Truckers… something derivative, self-indulgent, badly produced and irregular…

Or from a different angle…

blissblog: James Brown. Easy peasy.

TWANBOC: Bootsy, solo (not Clinton, for the reasons below)

Heronbone: Gil Scott Heron (after two pipes of crack too many)

K-Punk: George Duke (never forget, Duke played with Zappa)

Church of Me: Bill Withers (again should be obvious)

Pillbox: Augustus Pablo

Uncarved: Althea and Donna (oh alright, Joe Gibbs… no I don’t care I’m not playing this game by the rules!)

Shards, Fragments, Totems: George Clinton (TWANBOC’s not getting it cos he doesn’t like Hardfloor, and when it comes to funk, anyone who doesn’t like Hardfloor has no pulse and no brain. There, that should keep him going for a month or so!)

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