GUTTERBREAKZ: “3) HEAVEN 17/B.E.F. – invented The Human League. Reinvented Tina Turner and pioneered hi-tech Soul music. Made a record my mum liked (‘This Is Mine’) and a record my wife likes (‘Come Live With Me’), which is no mean feat.”

A really, truly, genuinely, GREAT band. People laugh at you for saying this but they did it all — but with so much deadpan Sheffield humour and irony that people thought they really were yuppies. Fucking fools the lot of them. Their version of Lets Stay Together with Tina Turner was wonderful ibn a way their critics will never understand. And their legendary “lost” (as in no-one rated it) third album, How Men Are, is an unrecognised work of genius. The closing track, the best kept secret, is a blinder of electronic emotion.

Heaven 17. Just too good for this world.

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