tHAT wAS a nAUGHTY bIT oF cRAP: “Had to bite my lip when this LP came up in conversation at Uncarved recently. Put the record on the deck and switch it on. Look closely for one minute at the swirling pattern. Then look at something else. SCARY! This bit of Flash performs the same task perfectly, and will spare you a few bob on a really ropey record.”

Hey, I thought you were saying that “Veneer” was better than “Cowardice” but I probably wasn’t paying enough attention.

Don’t believe a word of it kids, it’s a frighteningly good record, and Matt’s opinion is a (very rare) lapse in taste IMO. Mind you, I don’t know how old Matt is, but for us old 8Ts duffers Tackhead / On-U were so crucial to our well-being that it is almost impossible to describe what an oasis they were, and that undoubtedly colours my view of them.

Still, top bit of Flash. Shame more of the blogerati don’t have Matt’s visual flair.

On a vaguely related note:
Eden has been filing a spotter-ish 10 Best LPs of the Industrial Scene series (which I understand is to be printed on gold leaf and buried at Stonehenge when he completes it in 2117),

… which is ace, but of course it won’t be buried at Stonehenge, that’s for johnny-come-latelies and druids, I think he’s planning a concrete bunker in the middle Arbor Low or possibly Boscowen-Un That should wind me up!

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