Reynolds and Eden have both come across the mighty tWist.

Oh, yeah. Twist is a cool guy and a GREAT DJ. At the UKD 10th Birthday party his set was by common consensus the best. I’ve rarely seen a room go off the way he made the back room go during his set — the place just exploded. He was playing really class old skool and ragga jungle. It was just fantastic. And you can hear it! Here at Marc Dauncey’s excellent site! You can just about hear my shouting “Who’s the biggest DJ?” during one of the spinbacks. He’s definitely not a non-communicative autistic, quite the reverse, he’s a delightful and entertaining chap in person.

BTW you can download reggae mixes from me and John Eden there that seem to have gone down fairly well. (Over 400 mixes each so far!) Oh, and soon there’ll be a new mix up there from me which is a Tribute to Congo Natty mix, comprising some nice dancehall hits and a dubbed up mix of my fave Natty tunes, concluding with a Grievous Angel version of a famous dub tune. I’ll let you know when Marc has the link sorted out.

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