meme you badboy, i’m only teasing i know you’re not satanists!

Bollocks. Just when I thought we had a contender here. Sheeeeit. I thought we had that old “takes one to know one” scenario. You’ll remember this from your days in business development, Luka. There you are, in the can after the meeting — the client joins. Short, clipped smile, brief pause, quick conversation about Nick Faldo. Involuntarily you glance down, like you do, and blow me if there’s not a huge gold Prince Albert glistening at you. “I usually have a more subtle piece in there”, he says smiling, immediately noticing the direction of your gaze. Your mind’s in freefall, only at the last minute keeping the last splatter of urine off your well-turned brogues: what do we have here? A come on? A request for drugs? An invitation — only declined with difficulty — to espionage? “Merry meet”, he says, “and welcome to The Light Bringer. So, how goes it in the Solar Lodge?” With relief, you do up your zipper. You’ve been fingered by The Man, and everything is OK.

Betcha that brought the memories flooding back…

love yr use of the word FUCK.

Thanks! It’s a classic anglo saxon monosyllabic noun and no mistake. BTW, did you know “cunt” has the same root as “Kenneth”?

hey if that offer still stands, i’d be supergrateful, if its too late, well, i’ll survive, i lost yr address though

Of course, but I suspect I live a little more than walking — or at this hour, training or flying — distance from you…

ok, i’m definitely bored enough to continue this discussion

This is a pretty hot rant, like it. Matthew’s on the way but hasn’t really let out that hot geyser of paranoid vengefulness and incendiary non-sequiturs that is the hall-mark of the truly great rant.

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