To this list must be added Z’ev
Oh yeah, cracking stuff. I’ve shared cigars with Z’ev.

> I got messed up last night and ending up in a really rambling ranty conversation about Wilhelm Reich getting his books burned by
> the US government.

Yeah. Now, don’t forget, he was in the Communist Party too John — and THEY turned him against him too. Which is one of the top two or three reasons I’ll never be a full on Communist.

> I was basically trying to say that just because he had his books burnt didn’t automatically mean his ideas were all alright

Errr, ditto! I presume John’s not throwing the orgone baby out with the reichian bathwater. Hopefully not.

Either way, being labelled “the book burning guy” has to be the most wry of ironies for our John.

> Oh and people always mention “Tools You Can Trust” but I have no idea about them, possibly because they were rubbish.

They were OK-ish. They did a couple of Peel sessions that were fairly good. After hearing them, I remember there was a TV documentary about How We Record Radio One Sessions (And How to Build A Career Therefrom) which was a small eye-opener. Two speccy slapheads who couldn’t quite believe their luck and were totally winging it. The producer — I think it might have been John Leckie — politely described them as “under-rehearsed”. I thought it was kind of cool at the time, and I think it’s kind of cool today. But only kind of.

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