So, I went out on Saturday night, and…

Went to see the first night of the Moloko tour on Saturday night and
they were fucking ace. Roisin’s an absolute star, fabulous singer,
immense, relaxed, smart stage presence and the band were super tight —
Moloko live are like a highly evolved funk band that regularly step it
up to house tempo. They were a treat cos they have fantastic melodies
combined with two things that make them particularly ace: first, and
most important, they have that twisted, weird Sheffield edge, it’s music
for freaks dressed up for the charts. Second, they go completely mental
while retaining their sharp sophistication.

All the songs worked real good but there were two moments of genius —
they did a dead slow cover of Chaka Khan’s I Feel For You that morphed
into The Time Is Now, and the finale, a huge version of Sing It Back
that started off with three minutes of (I think) Masters At Work’s
Bangin’ done in the most pounding manner imaginable, slowly bringing
bits of the song in. Unbelievable.

Live house music done properly with a drummer and everything, could it
be the next big thing?

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