John’s issues, part two

Clearly memory is an issue. It’s cheap to resolve though . Maxing out your Mac to 128Mb will cost £50 inc VAT and delivery according to That’s if I’ve remembered your model properly.

You’ll like ProTools. It pretty muich works properly, which is more than can be said for Cubase, which crashes every time I pull in a V1 Rex file. Which it shouldn’t. But it does. Much better for what you want to do than SoundEdit.

As to wanting to do your mixes all in one — your pathetic insistence on authenticity in your production of cultural artefacts is obviously a deeply conservative position which only serves to reinforce cultural hegemony. Your continued insistence on the reality of some sort of platonic ideal of mixing is both oppressive and exploitative and simply serves to perpetuate the dominance of patriarchal cultural values… especially when you should be chilling out and just chucking a few records in the directionof your hard drive…

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