ZOMBY, Liquid Dancehall / Strange Fruit – Boomkat

Blimey, I’m getting name-checked on other people’s Boomkat reviews now!

ZOMBY, Liquid Dancehall / Strange Fruit – Boomkat
‘Liquid Dancehall’ occupies the A-side with a techno-insistent slab of dubstep bass science, still definitely one for the rudeboy crew but formatted into a brutally minimal and linear structure with a 3:2 time signature hailing the onset of the forthcoming ragga techno invasion spearheaded by Grievous Angel and TRG amongst others, definitely a direction we like to see things headed.

This is a GOOD TUNE so big up Zomby. I’d have liked to have made it.

There’s a strong beat but it’s not THAT 3:2-ish, it’s more skippy sub-4×4 with the snare on the third beat. I like it a lot – i should do more stuff like that on the more straight ahead dubstep tracks. And of course it’s a lot like Benga’s gear which is always a good thing. But proper ragga techno has a proper ragga MC on it – hard to find but it’s great when you do!

Interview on Blackdown’s Pitchfork column

Yes yes! The world’s biggest and best writer on grime and dubstep interviewed me for his magnificent Pitchfork column. Check it out here. Big up Blackdown! Representing the scene!

The interview covers the album, the Devotional Dubz releases and the mixes… loads of gear.

Wicked piece on Young Dot as well.

Lady Dub is back from pressing plant, out soon

Tons of boxes

I spent a delightful day at the distributor yesterday, stamping and marking each and every Lady Dub in the world. The finished vinyl was back from the plant a bit quicker than we expected so I hotfooted it over to Manchester – and there they were! Box after box of beautiful, crisp virgin vinyl. 


Each copy now has the Devotional Dubz logo stamped on the bag (quite a nice bag for a plain white, actually), together with a mark on the centre. Most of them are like the pic below – “Lady” or “Lady Dub” in ink on the a-side, plus a somewhat distorted, flaked out logo stamped on the b-side.

The majority have some level of unique marking. For example quite a few just have this written on them:

Tat says “Rollage” in case you can’t make it out. There’s a bunch of different stuff. 

It took hours, but it was worth it. I did debate with myself about whether it would be better to leave them as pure whites with just the logo on the bag. But in the end I decided more was actually more in this instance. The image on the bag does actually look really good – as you can’t quite see judging by this pic:

And the distorted logo on the label looks great, I think:

Lets hope this one sells – I’m mad keen to get on with the next two.